Fixed Index Annuity

Fixed Index Annuity

Why A Fixed Index Annuity?

  1. This Financial Product had its biggest sales increase ever..How come you do not know about it?
  2. Do you want what Ben Bernanke has his money in?
  3. Would you agree he knows a “little” about where to put money?

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Do Not Be Left Out, Join Many Of Your Peers

A few questions, if you answer yes to any of them, contact us for help, we care.

  1. Do you currently invest in a taxable CD?
  2. Do you wish they offered penalty-free withdrawals?
  3. Do you want to participate growth of the U.S. stock market, But Do Not Want To Lose Like You Did in 2008?
  4. Do you want What Ben Bernanke has his money in ?


Does  the stock market rock your boat?

The stock market’y may  leave you feeling seasick and searching for ways to protect your financial nest egg. If you’re out of your comfort zone, placing a portion of your nest egg in a product like this  may provide a solution.

These products that combine long-term growth potential with the safety and features of traditional fixed life insurance. They are specifically designed to earn potential rewards similar to those found in the stock market – without the downside risks.

How ?  They are linked to the  stock market performance. When the market  goes up, your  policy is credited with a portion of the increase. If the Index goes down, your policy is protected by a minimum guaranteed interest rate.


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